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Re: How do I pass a variable defined in a wrapping let, to a lambda?

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: How do I pass a variable defined in a wrapping let, to a lambda?
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2022 15:48:23 -0800
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Steinar Bang <> writes:

>> I have been trying to write a restclient.el[1] result function that can be
>> used to save the body of a GET result to a file[2].
>> My first attempt didn't work[3].
>> I tried to look at an existing result function that actually worked[4],
>> and I finally figured it out: the final form of that function is a
>> lambda!
>> So it was probably that lambda that was run to create the result?
>> I rewrote my example code to this[5].
>> But it still didn't work.  And the reason it didn't work is that
>> filename didn't have a value set.
>> If I replace the filename variable with a text constant[6], then the
>> function works.
>> But as far as I can tell, the function in[4] uses variables defined in
>> the wrapping (let) in the lambda...?
>> So why is that working but my filename failing?

> They've got a lexical-binding cookie at the top of the file, but you
> don't! :)

Oh, maybe I'm wrong. I just tested some code in two different elisp
buffers, one with lexical-binding -> t and one with it nil, and it
worked in both cases. Darn -- I thought I understood lexical-binding.

(defun steinars-test (file)
  (let ((fname (expand-file-name file)))
    (lambda () (message "file is %s" fname))))

(setq payload (steinars-test "~/.emacs.d/init.el"))

(funcall payload)

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