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Re: Use Debbugs to search for only open bugs

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: Use Debbugs to search for only open bugs
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2022 18:23:56 +0200
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Joshua Branson <> writes:

[Adding Lars to Cc, the coauthor of the debbugs package]

> Also, the reason I was asking the help-gnu-emacs list, was that I have a
> pending guix patch see bug 56987, that provides the following functions
> in guix's etc/ directory.
> debbugs-guix-search  (by default searching for open open bugs)
> debbugs-my-open-bugs  (by default search for only open bugs that the
> user has submitted)
> debbugs-get-bug-by-id  (fairly obvious)
> It might actually make more sense for these patches to be merged into
> upstream debbugs.  Perhaps by changing the names:
> debbugs-gnu-guix-search
> debbugs-gnu-my-open-bugs
> debbugs-gnu-get-buy-by-id
> What do you think?

Yea, would be possible. The first function could live in a file
debbugs-guix.el, the other two function might enter
debbugs-gnu.el. There's one formal restriction: debbugs is part of the
GNU ELPA repository, which requires the authors to give the copyright to
FSF, and to sign the legal papers. Would you be willing to do so?

I guess further discussion could happen on bug#56987.

> Joshua

Best regards, Michael.

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