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Re: unable to kill-emacs due to failure to save buffers (in connection w

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: unable to kill-emacs due to failure to save buffers (in connection with tramp)
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2022 12:14:51 +0200
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Martin Steffen <> writes:

> Hi,

Hi Martin,

> .  Still, when trying the above-mentioned save-buffers-kill-terminal,
> emacs (client) engages in some attempt to save stuff. That seems to be
> on initiative of tramp. Messages show activities like
> Opening connection for <login>@192.168.x.x using scp...
> Tramp: Sending command ‘exec ssh -l <login> -e none 192.168.x.x’
> Tramp: Waiting for prompts from remote shell...failed Tramp: Opening
> That's some address in my home network for some external memory
> (NAS). Sometimes I login there using SCP to browse the
> filesystem. However, I am not always at home, and the address this not
> alway accessible. That's why sometimes the attempt to login there simply
> won't work. When I cut-off the wait, typing C-g (keybord quote), it
> stops the attempt. However, emacs (client), having failed to do its
> save-the-buffers-properly-job propery, does not quit.
> If I instead of save-buffers-kill-terminal do
>   kill-terminal
> the same happens, the tramp kicks trying to login the non-existant
> address and so again I cannot quit.
> Why does emacs (client) want to login to 192.168.x.x anyway? Note, the
> location (resp. files at that location are not buffers in neither the
> running emacs nor the emacs-client I like just to get rid of.

Hard to say what's up. There have been some changes in tramp-cleanup-*
functions, which might improve the behavior. Do you have a chance to
upgrade to Tramp from GNU ELPA?

If this still happens, pls set tramp-verbose to 6 and
tramp-debug-to-file to t. The former variable triggers Tramp to write
debug messages, and the latter one (new in Tramp 2.5) initiates to write
these debug messages to file in parallel. Good for post-mortem analysis.

Please check the Tramp messages on file whether you see something which
tells you what's up. If you don't find something, please show the file here.

> I assume has to do with the content of some tramp-cashing in the file
> ~/.emacs.d/tramp which contains a like like
> ;; -*- emacs-lisp -*- <22/08/14 11:00:37 /home/msteffen/.emacs.d/tramp>
> ;; Tramp connection history.  Don't change this file.
> ;; Run `M-x tramp-cleanup-all-connections' instead.
> (((tramp-file-name "scp" "<login>" nil "192.168.x.x" nil nil nil)  (****)
>   nil))

No, these values are active only if a connection is active. The
existence of these values does not mean that a connection is initiated.

> best, Martin
> I use

Best regards, Michael.

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