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Re: unable to kill-emacs due to failure to save buffers (in connection w

From: Martin Steffen
Subject: Re: unable to kill-emacs due to failure to save buffers (in connection with tramp)
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2022 14:24:01 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/27.2 (gnu/linux)

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Albinus <> writes:

    Michael> Martin Steffen <> writes:

    >> Hi,

    Michael> Hi Martin,

    >> Note, the location (resp. files at that location are not buffers
    >> in neither the running emacs nor the emacs-client I like just to
    >> get rid of.

    Michael> Hard to say what's up. There have been some changes in
    Michael> tramp-cleanup-* functions, which might improve the
    Michael> behavior. Do you have a chance to upgrade to Tramp
    Michael> from GNU ELPA?

I will try that and will see the results.

    Michael> If this still happens, pls set tramp-verbose to 6 and


    >> I assume has to do with the content of some tramp-cashing in the
    >> file ~/.emacs.d/tramp which contains a like like

    Michael> No, these values are active only if a connection is
    Michael> active. The existence of these values does not mean that a
    Michael> connection is initiated.

I see. I don't know where the ``persitent'' memory of emacs is
concerning that ``undying'' (but not active) connection. In the
meantime, I killed the emacs+client (which I was unable to leave) in the
only way I know, killing both from the outside (as mentioned).

The I started a fresh emacs, and without doing anything at all, try
immediately to quit it again with C-x C-c.

The reaction is the same as before, i.e., I cannot quit, the fresh emacs
has remembered that seem to have remembered the scp-connection from some
earlier emacs invokatioms. But indeed it does not take it from
~/.emacs/tramp, as I had deleted that file completly before starting
emacs fresh.

Grep'ping for the ``offending'' address 192.168.x.x, my current best
culprit is


wich mentions it a few times. For instance is expressions like

(:variable #29# :persist-file "d9/6cedfd-05fd-4dc3-8542-ee0bb93ac4b3" :path 
"/scp:<login>@192.168.x.x:/var/services/homes/mobileorg/" :inode 
11537641 :hash "672132fcd377562aa49d8dbd0044f1c4") 

The file is pretty big, and I have not yet manually fiddled with it
(like deleting expressions plausibly causing that particular trouble),
but that's my current best suspicion.

Anyway, I will try your advice upgrading tramp and see if it helps
(manually managing the huge persist-index file in case of trouble
without actually knowing what I am doing is not a long-term solution).

thanks again, best,


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