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Re: Customising display-fill-column-indicator-mode

From: Christopher Dimech
Subject: Re: Customising display-fill-column-indicator-mode
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2022 07:05:41 +0200

> Sent: Friday, August 26, 2022 at 4:13 PM
> From:
> To:
> Subject: Re: Customising display-fill-column-indicator-mode
> On Fri, Aug 26, 2022 at 04:31:18AM +0200, Christopher Dimech wrote:
> [...]
> > I have seen many instances in the mailing lists where people using
> > TOR and other non-tracking privacy-respecting systems get denigrated
> > on the Gnu Mailing List by people who have no interest in respecting
> > other people's freedom to avoid surveillance.  If many still think
> > the comments are Surface Only and Simply Humorous, I can go on and
> > make an official statement with proof that will likely be taken up
> > by the international media outlets.
> To me, the above is an example of disagreeable behaviour if there
> is one. I don't want to curtail your freedom, but I choose to not
> interact with you (this is an exception).

Absolutely right.  And if such people were around I will tell them
so to their face.  You can always interact with me should you turn

> As to Emanuel -- he's fine. He misses the tone from time to time,
> as we all do (I /know/ I do), but he's capable of reflecting and
> apologising.

The problem is not about apologising, but that heckling others about the
systems they use is wrong at any level, particularly when we actually
promote ones that do not spy on users and give identification and location
details about them to other parties.

> As far as I am concerned, your picking personally on him was wrong,
> disgusting and unworthy of this mailing list. But that's my own
> opinion.

I act as I see fit, irrespective of any disgust by yourself or others.
Can rightly evaluate my worth, without seeking any approval.

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