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Re: Question about customising faces

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Question about customising faces
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2022 09:00:27 -0400
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>> Is there a particular reason why you use `set-face-attribute` rather
>> than a declarative solution like M-x customize-face?
> Well, a while ago I decided to stop using Customize because of
> `package-selected-packages` being written to my
> `custome-file`.  I couldn't find a hassle-free way to sync my Emacs
> config between machines.  I kept having to resolve merge conflicts
> caused by `package-selected-packages`, so I took `custom-file` out of
> version control.  Now it's only used for `package-selected-packages`
> and everything else is in init.el and files loaded from there.

Too bad, because in my experience `set-face-attribute` is more often
a problem than a solution.  Maybe you should try to use
`face-spec-set` instead.

Regarding your problem with `package-selected-packages`, I plead guilty.
Not sure how best to address that problem.  In the short term, you can try
something like

    (advice-add 'package--save-selected-packages :override #'ignore)

tho it probably comes with other undesirable side-effects.  I suggest
you file a bug report (and send me the bug#nb) so we can discuss
alternatives (and if you filed one already, just send me the bug#nb).


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