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Re: [Help-gnucap] Modal analysis using gnucap

From: al davis
Subject: Re: [Help-gnucap] Modal analysis using gnucap
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 13:50:07 -0400

On Tuesday 21 September 2010, address@hidden wrote:
> Very cool application.  Pole-zero analysis is not supported
> in gnucap 0.35, but I don't know about the development
> version of gnucap. NGSpice can do it though (.PZ command) .

There you go recommending NGspice again ..   I must confess that 
I also say try NGspice in this case.  Gnucap doesn't (yet) have 
PZ analysis.

It hasn't been a priority, so I have no idea when/if it will 
ever be done.  With the development version, it could be done as 
a plugin, that builds on AC like Fourier builds on transient.

On the other hand .. things like noise ...  someone (not me) is 
working on it.  It seems to be taking longer than expected.

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