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Re: running GWorkspace with no notification server on the x windows disp

From: Dan Hitt
Subject: Re: running GWorkspace with no notification server on the x windows display server
Date: 13 May 2003 01:07:34 -0400

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your long thoughtful reply to my questions.  The information
about querying gdomap via the -H and -C options is very useful.

I've simplified my setup so i now run windowmaker (0.80.2) on the same
host which serves the display and GWorkspace on that same host also,
so everything is on one machine.

gdomap runs ok, but gdnc seems to die just as soon as i start
GWorkspace, and this happens whether i run gdnc as myself or as root
(so permissions shouldn't be a problem in the latter case).

gdnc comes from gnustep-base-1.6.0---am i out of date for some fix?

Thanks again for your help, and thanks in advance (to you, or anybody
else) for any more information on gdnc, whether this is known behavior,

(And although i don't like getting errors, i like the way the error
panels from GWorkspace float above all the other activity on the
screen, and in particular don't get buried.)


In article <>,
Martin Brecher  <> wrote:
 . . .
>I'm not sure about gdnc, but gpbs honours a -NSHost parameter which is 
>similiar to the -display parameter of X11 applications. Maybe you can 
>run gdnc on the display where GWorkspace is also running?
 . . . [additional useful information omitted]

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