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gdnc segfaulting in sarray.h, internal to gcc-3.2/libobjc/objc

From: Dan Hitt
Subject: gdnc segfaulting in sarray.h, internal to gcc-3.2/libobjc/objc
Date: 13 May 2003 23:49:07 -0400

Hi All,

For reference, i've been having trouble using GWorkspace presumably
because of gdnc.  Martin Brecher gave me some help with using gdomap,
and earlier Nicola Pero gave me some help in building (thanks again
Martin and Nicola).

Anyhow, i put gdnc in gdb and ran it with the -f option (man it's
great to have the source available, otherwise i'd never have known
about the -f option) to inhibit forking.

As soon as i start up GWorkspace, gdnc segfaults in sarray_get, which is
internal to the gcc 3.2 code (gcc-3.2/libobjc/objc/sarray.h,
static inline void* sarray_get(struct sarray* array,sidx index)).

So: is this some kind of known problem with gcc 3.2?  (I'm using redhat 7.3,
but not with the default gcc 2.96 but with 3.2 of August 14, 2002.)

(Should i get a newer version of gcc and/or compile it differently?)

Or maybe this is some other known issue?

Thanks in advance for any pointers, suggestions, criticisms, etc.

And thanks again everybody for the help so far, and all the effort in
making gnustep.


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