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Re: FreeBSD 5.3 setup help

From: Chris Vetter
Subject: Re: FreeBSD 5.3 setup help
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 09:16:01 +0100 (MET)

> Hi all,
> What I've done so far (i.e., post-FreeBSD installation stuff):
> # install portupgrade and update the ports
> (If anyone has any better suggestions to the above as I'm reasonably 
> green on BSD as well that'd be great to hear).

Though this is beyond the scope of this mailing list, what you've done
is good enough_TM.

Personally, I prefer to get a ports tar-ball, remove everything in
/usr/ports and untar the tar-ball. THEN I install portupgrade and run it.

> Right, so I've now issued:
> $ portupgrade -N devel/gnustep
> Suggestions from here?

Yes. Don't install GNUstep from ports -- it's horribly broken as
you can see below and in your second mail to this list.

What you SHOULD install, using ports, is SSL, TIFF, JPEG, XML2, and
all the other stuff needed to get GNUstep going.

You do NOT need to install the procfs. Given the right options to
configure, GNUstep works perfectly well without it.

On a side note:
When does GNUstep get rid of the procfs stuff? If GNUstep is supposed
to be platform independant, you CANNOT rely on something that is only
available on ONE particular platform (aka Linux).
As I pointed out earlier, the implementation of procfs on various UNICES
differs greatly.

> How do people overcome these kinds of things?

Take a look at and
and read about its CVS.
Get GNUstep from CVS, read the documentation (ie. README, INSTALL)
and play with the 'configure' options.

Another good source can be found at


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