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Re: Cross-compiling & distributing Tools

From: Michael Hopkins
Subject: Re: Cross-compiling & distributing Tools
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2006 23:26:01 +0100
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On 12/6/06 09:07, in article, ""
<> wrote:

>> Though we develop on Mac OS X (due to the lovely Xcode), the native target
>> for running code & distribution builds is GNU/Linux amd64.  Our other two
>> targets are GNU/Linux i386 (i.e. 32 bit) and Win32 via mingw32.
> Did you look how we did the same for mySTEP (a "clone" of GNUstep) to
> develop on Xcode and run on a Linux/ARM embedded system?
> We develop and compile a first phase with Xcode (this creates an .app
> or .framework bundle with MacOS binary), and then call one makefile
> from within an Xcode Shell Script Build phase to crosscompile and strip
> the MacOS binary. The result can be sent through ssh to the embedded
> system and runs there. Redirecting X11 back to the Mac allows even to
> view the results...
> You can find it at and
> Nikolaus Schaller

Sounds very clever.  So you are cross-compiling to Linux/ARM on the Mac.  Is
it a custom-built gcc tool chain?

I am targeting amd64 linux native and win32 with the mingw32 cross-compiler.
Have been playing a bit with the mGStep code with the author and made
progress (Foundation builds with some warnings) but needing information
about the mframe macros to allow DO to build on amd64.  I'm sure the
mingw32/win32 build will have quite a lot to sort out.



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