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Re: Cross-compiling & distributing Tools

From: hns
Subject: Re: Cross-compiling & distributing Tools
Date: 26 Jun 2006 00:56:52 -0700
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Michael Hopkins schrieb:

> On 12/6/06 09:07, in article
>, ""
> <> wrote:
> >> Though we develop on Mac OS X (due to the lovely Xcode), the native target
> >> for running code & distribution builds is GNU/Linux amd64.  Our other two
> >> targets are GNU/Linux i386 (i.e. 32 bit) and Win32 via mingw32.
> >
> > Did you look how we did the same for mySTEP (a "clone" of GNUstep) to
> > develop on Xcode and run on a Linux/ARM embedded system?
> >
> Sounds very clever.  So you are cross-compiling to Linux/ARM on the Mac.  Is
> it a custom-built gcc tool chain?

Yes - it is the toolchain described by Andreas Junghans:
Currently, I am trying to make a more generic toolchain-generator based
on crosstolls for MacOS X - but there are still unsolved issues with
libiberty cross-compilation.

> I am targeting amd64 linux native and win32 with the mingw32 cross-compiler.
> Have been playing a bit with the mGStep code with the author and made
> progress (Foundation builds with some warnings) but needing information
> about the mframe macros to allow DO to build on amd64.  I'm sure the
> mingw32/win32 build will have quite a lot to sort out.

That is the most complicated part of cross-compiling - and although
there are libffcall and libavcall, it is not sure that everthing works.
I had taken the painful path of removing everything from mGstep first
and basing it only on the gcc-builtin functions, but AFAIK, currently
GNUstep is most advanced in properly using one of these libraries.

-- hns

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