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Re: Setting gnutls to use nettle instead of libgcrypt

From: Brad Hards
Subject: Re: Setting gnutls to use nettle instead of libgcrypt
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2011 16:12:47 +1000
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On Saturday 30 July 2011 15:53:49 Totony wrote:
> Maybe :S (/investigation of aria2 code planned).
> (Through, what would be the use of using 2 different crypto backends with
> different wrappers ? Compatibility ?)
Possibly needs to do some lower crypto operation (e.g. a sha1 operation) and 
using libgcrypt (directly) was an easy way to do it.

> I assumed this for quite good reasons, but I think I will recheck this
> today.
> (The maintainer of the Git branch of aria2 I am using said this : "It seems
> initialization error of gnutls(which initializes libgcrypt internally), but
> I've never met this before". So, even if I'm not really invested in the
> coding of that program, I assumed that they used gnutls to take care of the
> libgcrypt related scripts (I checked the code a bit, and found calls of the
> gnutls functions too)).
> Source :
> and
It was probably true when gnutls always used gcrypt. Its now (another) bad 

In any case, this doesn't look like anything to do with gnutls.


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