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Re: Add exception for site in Icecat 91

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: Re: Add exception for site in Icecat 91
Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2021 00:33:49 -0400

Hi Alexander,

Alexander Asteroth <> writes:
> I just installed icecat 91 from the git generating it from source. It
> workt *really smoothly*! 

I'm glad to hear it. :-)

> I'm just wondering if and how it is possible to add an exeption for a
> site in case you trust that site and want to reveal JS content. The
> manage exception dialog seems not to offer an add exception field.

The blocking of nontrivial nonfree Javascript code is done by the
LibreJS extension a.k.a. addon.

The easiest way to add exceptions is to visit the site in question, and
click on the LibreJS icon, which is the one with a flame and the letters
"JS", to the right of the address bar.  That should bring up a list of
scripts that have been accepted or blocked.  Next to each one, there are
buttons allowing you to whitelist the script.  Near the top, there's
also a button that adds all scripts on that site to a whitelist.

After you've added the relevant entries to the whitelist, you should
reload the page.  That will sometimes reveal new scripts that must be
added to the whitelist in a second pass.  It sometimes requires a few
iterations of these steps before the site works properly.

It's also possible to edit the whitelist and blacklist directly by
clicking on the "Settings..." button near the top-right of the
aforementioned list of scripts (the one that pops up with you click on
the LibreJS icon in the navigation bar).  The whitelist/blacklist
entries support wildcards, as explained in the LibreJS settings page.

Finally, I should mention that although the LibreJS extension is bundled
with IceCat and enabled by default, it can be disabled in <about:addons>
if the need arises.


Disinformation flourishes because many people care deeply about injustice
but very few check the facts.  Ask me about <>.

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