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Default keyboard layout

From: Dernsen
Subject: Default keyboard layout
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2020 20:47:15 +0200
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I set up a few testing linux-64bit-uefi-systems encrypted with all
system partitions encrypted and implemented a custom keyboard in
grub-efi-amd-unsigned ("without secure-boot"):

    1. build memdisk with a new keymap

    2. setup a small "grub.cfg" as in grub manual described

    3. created core-image with "grub-mkimage" and the modules and put
it to efi-partition

This works pretty good my laptop in Debian_10  & Linux Mint 19.3 there
is no difference between the default-keyboard-setup, but in Manjaro 19 I
can not move between the menu options with the "arrow-keys"...

The other problems are it won't work with signed-grub-version and after
next "grub-install" the configuration is overwritten and I think t

Here is my question, how is it possible to change the
default-keyboard-layout to another layout? The default-layout has to be
implemented anywhere and anyhow while building the grub-packages? I did
not find any info about this topic.

Thanks & kind regards

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