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Re: gsasl 0.2.28rc1

From: Adam Strzelecki
Subject: Re: gsasl 0.2.28rc1
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008 23:59:17 +0200

I generated a new daily snapshot with all of the recent work in it.
Adam, could you check that you can take this tar archive and build it on
a Windows machine with VS?

There was *lib/win32/include/unistd.h* (zero bytes) file in my GIT patch, it is actually necessary, so you may create one with following content (we got same file in libidn @ win32/include too):
----- CUT -----
/* Dummy file to satisfy source file dependencies on Windows platform */
----- CUT -----
.. so it won't be zero bytes and so won't bother anyone.

Once the file is there I think you can release 0.2.28.

And BTW. you've stripped README.win32 from gsasl/lib (you did the same with my libidn patch). I don't mind it, but for Windows developers it isn't obvious that they need to have Perl installed (perl isn't present on Windows by default) and it isn't obvious that the project is Visual Studio 2005 format, note that different Visual Studio project versions are not compatible, but newer VS can import older versions' projects. So some rookie pure Windows developers may feel lost what to do, so it would be cool to somehow bring back those readmes in any form.

Cheers & good nite,
Adam Strzelecki

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