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Failed to start service 'device-mapping

From: Kete Foy
Subject: Failed to start service 'device-mapping
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2016 19:49:06 +0000

I checked my config.scm (attached), but I don't see any missing parens
or any discrepancy from Ludo's example
<>. I
also based the rest on rain1's github wiki:

I booted the computer, and Grub loaded the kernel. Then, the device
mapper failed to start, and apparently, every service afterward also
failed to start: user-processes, guix-daemon, term-tty6, dbus-system,
xorg-server, etc. I'm trying to run with an encrypted partition mounted
at /home.

Do I need to correct my config.scm and run the herd and guix system init
commands again?
gpg --recv-key 0xD7E954319C95097FC314C2A2DD8C15BD01685E3A

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