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Re: Which Emacs version used to build Emacs packages with emacs-checkout

From: Alex Kost
Subject: Re: Which Emacs version used to build Emacs packages with emacs-checkout?
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2017 23:31:51 +0300
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Oleg Pykhalov (2017-09-07 21:49 +0300) wrote:

> Hello Guix,
> Here is a =emacs-checkout= snippet which works for me.  Enjoy it if
> somebody need it.
> I'm little bit confused about Emacs **version** that is used inside
> =emacs-build-systems= and inputs which use =emacs-minimal=.
> If I define a new package with =-checkout= suffix and install it, for
> example =guix package -i address@hidden it works fine.
> As I notice all packages which uses =emacs-build-system= will use
> original Guix Emacs version package.  Am I right?

Right, by default 'emacs-build-system' uses the current 'emacs-minimal'

> Then, all Emacs packages will be build by =emacs-minimal= which is
> original Guix Emacs version.

Yes.  Note that this default emacs can be overrided on a package level
by using #:emacs keyword in the arguments.  See 'emacs-auctex' package
for example.

> I found =(setq load-prefer-newer t)= way to avoid loading old compiled
> elisp files, but it's not what I really want.

This (I mean 'load-prefer-newer') is one of my favourite setting :-)
But it is not clear for me, what do you really want?

> Thoughts?  :-)

Sorry, but I don't understand what you are asking about :-)


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