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Re: Which Emacs version used to build Emacs packages with emacs-checkout

From: Alex Kost
Subject: Re: Which Emacs version used to build Emacs packages with emacs-checkout?
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2017 13:57:14 +0300
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Oleg Pykhalov (2017-09-22 16:49 +0300) wrote:

> Hello Alex,

> Alex Kost <address@hidden> writes:
>> Yes.  Note that this default emacs can be overrided on a package level
>> by using #:emacs keyword in the arguments.  See 'emacs-auctex' package
>> for example.
> Ah, this is bad for me.  Now I need to redefine all those “#:emacs
> ,emacs” to “#:emacs ,emacs-checkout” as I guess.  Or I need to redefine
> “emacs” variable instead of inherit it in “emacs-checkout”.

I think making your packages with #:emacs argument is the right way.
And it is not so bad as it may seem, as you can use some Guile code to
reduce the duplication.  For example, look at the attached file: it
shows how you may inherit the packages you need from the original emacs
packages.  To check it, put it into your GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH and call
"guix package --show=my-emacs-paredit".  This is just an example, but I
think you get the idea ;-)

> I want to have Emacs builded from my local Git repository.  And I also
> want Emacs packages builded with this my Emacs version.

Actually, why do you want to do this?  I mean it doesn't matter what
version of Emacs you use to compile .el files.  There is no difference:
if you build a package with Emacs 24 it will still work with Emacs 26.

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