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Re: no passwd command during installation

From: Marco van Hulten
Subject: Re: no passwd command during installation
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2017 09:34:28 +0100


Op 01 nov 22:59 schreef Chris Marusich:
> Marco van Hulten <address@hidden> writes:
> > Hello,
> >
> > During the installation process of GuixSD 0.13.0, I'd like to login
> > from another system.  After setting up the network, I start the SSH
> > server through
> >
> >     herd start ssh-daemon
> >
> > as described on
> >
> > .
> >
> > Then I want to set the root password.  The manual tells me to use
> > passwd, but Bash returns "command not found".  There is also no
> > ssh-keygen to create SSH keys.  
> These commands are present in a recent version of the installation
> image.  Perhaps the version you used is old enough that they are not
> present?  Since Wayne also seems to have seen the same problem, I
> wonder if perhaps it's an issue with an old image being hosted
> somewhere? Where did you get the installation image?

I downloaded the latests System Distribution image at .
I just checked the signature, and it is in order.

> I verified that the commands are present by running the following
> commands from a system that has a recent version of Guix:
>   $ guix system vm gnu/system/install.scm
>   ...
>   /gnu/store/
>   $ /gnu/store/
> The commands "passwd" and "ssh-keygen" were present at
> /run/setuid-programs/passwd and

This directory in my image is empty.

> /run/current-system/profile/bin/ssh-keygen, respectively.

This directory contains 411 symlinks to binaries, none of which match
with ssh*.

> > Additionally, it could be useful if the scp or ssh were available
> > from the installation prompt.  
> Similar to above, I can confirm that the programs "ssh" and "scp" are
> present in a recent version of the installation image.

Possibly, Wayne and I used the (experimental) GuixSD 0.13.0 image,
whereas you use the GuixSD 0.13.0 Virtual Machine Image.  I presume we
all are on amd64.

I did find the programs at the locations (with different hash in path)
that Wayne suggested; this issue could be solved by updating the manual
(updating the image can wait until the next release).

> > SSH in either direction would give me a way to copy config.scm to a
> > system where I can e-mail from.  That would be useful, because I am
> > having problems installing GuixSD (unionfs of 2.1G gets full during
> > guix system init /mnt/etc/config.scm /mnt --fallback; the last
> > option was suggested by guix when it couldn't fetch some package).  
> That sounds frustrating!  Maybe you can try first installing the "bare
> bones" operating system (the example file for this is located at
> /etc/configuration/bare-bones.scm in the installation image). After
> you've booted into that initial bare bones operating system, you could
> run "guix system reconfigure" using the actual operating system
> configuration file you want.  That might help if the issue is lack of
> storage space in the installation image.

That's a useful tip for when I have a similar problem again.  Doing the
installation again results in a succesful installation (well, more or
less).  It is very likely that I forget

    herd start cow-store /mnt

which makes the installation use the harddisk instead of RAM.  However,
I always need to use --fallback.

In any case, thanks to you and Wayne for the useful tips.

Now for the "well, more or less".  When booting my system with a
freshly installed GuixSD, I get this output:

waiting for partition 'my-root' to appear...
waiting for partition 'my-root' to appear...
ERROR: In procedure scm-error:
ERROR: failed to resolve partition "my-root"

My etc/config.scm is here:

- Marco

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