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How to build GnuCash with SQLite backend support?

From: Gary Johnson
Subject: How to build GnuCash with SQLite backend support?
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2017 15:56:02 -0500
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Hi guys,

I run Guix on top of Parabola. Recently, the GnuCash package from the
AUR got into conflict with an old version of ICU, and now it won't build
anymore. So...I decided to install GnuCash through Guix instead.

Unfortunately, although it built correctly (yay Guix!), I can no longer
open my accounts.gnucash file (in SQLite3 format). Instead, I just get a
message from GnuCash saying that no suitable backend can be found for
this format.

I then looked at the gnucash.scm file here:


And I found this:

 `(#:tests? #f ;FIXME: failing at /qof/gnc-date/qof print date dmy buff
   #:configure-flags '("--disable-dbi"

So I'm guessing that the "--disable-dbi" configure flag is the culprit
here. However, I'm still a novice to the structure of Guix package build
files, so I could really use some help. I tried removing the
"--disable-dbi" flag from the #:configure-flags list, and then ran:

$ guix package -f gnucash.scm

on my new copy of the gnucash.scm file. However, guix just returns
silently without doing anything. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,

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