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Re: multiple issues with Epiphany in GuixSD 0.14.0

From: Adonay Felipe Nogueira
Subject: Re: multiple issues with Epiphany in GuixSD 0.14.0
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2017 13:49:33 -0200
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My message applies to GNU Guix only (the packaage manager which can be
installed in any distro), not the GuixSD (system distribution).

Please, those who know how XDG specifications should be dealt with by/in
GuixSD, please reply.

With all that in mind, here follows my message:

I don't use Epiphany anymore, but I recall that you have to install
Adwaita and Hicolor icon theme from GNU Guix. I don't know if this
applies to GuixSD as well (it might have other ways of dealing with

Besides, I don't know if this applies to GuixSD, but after installing
the icon themes in GNU Guix, those who use other distros
with a specific issue in Xsession.d scripts have to algment the
XDG_DATA_DIRS variable in a special way (by copying its current value,
inserting the export declaration in the user's profile, but with the
paths suggested by GNU Guix, followed by the manually copied original
values, that is: one can't relly on conditional expansion in the case of

Finally, the issue with the website you mentioned will be dealt in a
separate message.

2017-12-10T16:18:42+0100 Marco van Hulten wrote:
> Hi,
> In the package epiphany, the icons don't display well, and connecting
> to webpages doesn't work.
>     guix package -i epiphany
>     epiphany &
> Screenshot attached.
> GNU Icecat does not have these two problems, but I do have an issue
> with the Javascript blocker.  If I disable it for,
> the website still complains that I block Javascript.
> —Marco

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