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Instantiating the OS declaration after a small change

From: Arnaud B
Subject: Instantiating the OS declaration after a small change
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2018 17:58:18 +0200

Hello everyone,

Context :
In the process of trying to build packages, through the use of guix environments, I need more space on my home partition.
To do so, deleting former generations followed by 'guix gc' was not enough, and I need to move things to my external ntfs drive (please don't ask why I have to use that file system...).
As I'm regularly going to mount it, I added a file-system declaration in my config.scm.

Question :
Do I have to apply 'guix system reconfigure', a lenghty process (on my computer at least) for such a small change, especially if I did not write it correctly, or is there another possibility ?  I actually just want to test that file system declaration.
From 6.2.13 of the manual, I'm thinking about 'guix system build'. Or could I do it temporarily in another scm file ?

Many thanks in advance,


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