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Re: How to announce important changes

From: myglc2
Subject: Re: How to announce important changes
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2018 20:39:31 -0400
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Hi Ludo’,

> I agree.  The patch for the new ‘guix pull’ was discussed 2-3 weeks
> before being applied, and the principle was discussed even earlier than
> this, but for someone not following the mailing list, I understand this
> is a problem.
> Perhaps it’s time for an announcement mailing list, and/or blog posts.
> What do people think?

I think you did a good job of providing a "heads up" for the new 'guix
pull'.  From your posts it was obvious it was a significant Guix change
and that there could/would be glitches.

So I applied my standard "self help" for this situation: I stopped doing
pulls and I am watching the lists to seen when it is safe to resume
pulling changes into my systems ;-)

I think the users that have had problems didn't see your posts, didn't
understand what they meant, or didn't know how to respond. ISTM the best
thing you could do for these users is to send an alert like "major
update about to happen, hold off on updates if you are risk adverse",
followed by a "coast is clear" or "workaround" alert. IMO the best way
to send such alerts is a cross-post to all the existing lists.

- George

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