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Re: Features of installing package that works as service

From: Joshua Branson
Subject: Re: Features of installing package that works as service
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2018 09:25:51 -0500
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<address@hidden> writes:

> Hello, Guix Help! I think GuixSD is cute, but manual is so incomprehensible 

Have you read the entire manual?  I know I haven't.  Before your
complain that the manual is difficult to understand, be sure that you
read all of it.  There's lots of good details in the manual. :)

> I want to clear all possible options when I install packages that work as 
> services.
> For example, can get postgresql by typing by non-root user `$ guix package -i 
> postgresql` and run it? How to run it?

If you intend to run it yourself, you can run that command.  But you
don't want to actually run guix package -i postgresql.

> Can I install postgresql and run it only when I need?
> Do I need install it only from defining service in config.scm and typing `# 
> guix system reconfigure config.scm` ?

Basically yes.

The (gnu services databases) module provides the following services. 

So your config would look a little like:

(use-modules (gnu services database))


;; your postgresql service definition here.
;; I think the below is correct, but I'm not certain.

(services (cons* 
(service postgresql-service-type)

> Manual "6.2.15 Defining Services" has lot of variables and I do not know 
> where to find them definitions.

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