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Re: Emacs-guix: variable is void: guix-current-profile

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: Emacs-guix: variable is void: guix-current-profile
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2019 22:58:57 +0100

Dear Alex,

Thank you for your answer and the nice emacs-guix interface.

> It should be fixed by the latest commit:
> So you may try to reinstall it from MELPA to check if it works now.  BTW
> installing from MELPA should be as fine, as from Guix.  As far as I
> understand, the problems you faced are not related to the way you
> install Emacs-Guix.

After the reinstall from MELPA, it appears to me that the guix popup
works as expected. :-)

Note that the popup does work properly with emacs-guix, since the
letter p is binded twice (processes and package).
I guess that the next release (available in MELPA) will fix this.

> > Last, 'guix package -s gmsh' returns the package that I am looking for.
> > However, `M-x guix p n gmsh' does not.
> > I need to do 'guix package -i guix' to find gmsh with emacs-guix. Hum?
> Yes, this is a big problem on non-GuixSD systems.  In short, "guix pull"
> does not install its guile dependencies in the pulled profile.  Instead
> they are hardcoded in "~/.config/guix/current/bin/guix", so Emacs-Guix
> can't use these modules and this leads to unexpected errors.
> The only workaround is to install "guix" in a user profile: this will
> automatically "propagate" (install) all the missing Guile dependencies.
> People usually don't face this problem on GuixSD because "guix" (thus,
> all its propagated dependencies) is installed in a system profile there.
> I don't see a way to fix this problem on the Emacs-Guix side.  For more
> details, you may look at the discussion at
> <>.

Hum? I am too newbie to have an opinion. :-)

A random idea.
What Guix needs to expose to emacs-guix?
And these missing guile modules should be packed to e.g. guix-minimal.
What do you think?

Thank you again.

All the best,

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