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Re: Guix on Android, getaddrinfo, failure in name resolution

From: 白い熊
Subject: Re: Guix on Android, getaddrinfo, failure in name resolution
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2019 17:13:26 +0000

On January 15, 2019 3:30:07 PM UTC, Julien Lepiller <address@hidden> wrote:

>Well, if it's a name resolution issue, the first culprit that comes to
>mind is /etc/resolv.conf. Do you have that file, and is it correctly

Yes indeed, I have it copied from /system/etc/ and it just has the two Google 
nameservers, so that's working. 

>Maybe it's an selinux thing? You can try with "setenforce 0" and see if
>that solves the issue. I've had some troubles with selinux too, related
>to file-system permissions though.

Yes, I have selinux set to Permissive — without this there's big problems with 
permissions. So that should be fine as well… 

One thing now that I'm thinking — looking at the error output — could this be 
somehow associated with https ufiticil? I see that all the files from all the 
substitutes “guix pull” is trying to download are from https:// locations. The 
first item that it's trying to download for the update are certificates from 

Could it be that hostnames are resolved fine — which they are, as I can ping 
successfully any of the sites it's trying to access — but not the https:// 

Is this possible? Can it be tested? I don't think you can nslookup or whatever 
an https:// location right? What if guix can't access secure sites? Is that 

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