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Re: Guix on Android, getaddrinfo, failure in name resolution

From: 白い熊
Subject: Re: Guix on Android, getaddrinfo, failure in name resolution
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2019 18:33:51 +0000

On January 15, 2019 7:43:33 PM UTC, "白い熊" <address@hidden> wrote:

>>Here, I think it's the daemon calling the download code... Did you run
>>guix-daemon as root? Do you have a backtrace that you could send?
>Yes, I'm starting the daemon as root — it's running in a second
>terminal window. 
>The only feedback it outputs on every “guix pull” try is: 
>accepted connection from pid 21773, user 10224
>spurious SIGPOLL

I had a thought it might be associated with an incomplete /etc/group as I only 
had a two-liner one, as per the “Guix on Android” guide, with entries only for 
root and then guixbuild… 

So copied in one from PC Guix, added the user to netdev — no luck, still the 
same. Anyhow, if it would've been this, root would've been able to access the 
web, woe… 

Any other thoughts? 

It's a killer, cause this exact Guix install when I copied it to a QEMU Ubuntu 
armhf machine, to test whether the problem is not hidden anywhere else — works 
perfectly. So it really is something on the Android side, preventing it from 
accessing the web — but what? Ugh… 

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