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Re: warning: failed to install locale

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: warning: failed to install locale
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2019 15:24:06 +0100
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Hi simon,

> Maybe I am doing wrong.
> $ ldd /var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/current-guix/bin/guix-daemon
> [...]
> => 
> /gnu/store/h90vnqw0nwd0hhm1l5dgxsdrigddfmq4-glibc-2.28/lib/
> So the version is 2.28, right?
> Then my profile contains the version 2.28 of the locale, I guess.
> $ echo $GUIX_LOCPATH
> /home/simon/.guix-profile/lib/locale
> $ ls `echo $GUIX_LOCPATH`
> 2.28

This is in your environment.  But what about the daemon’s environment?
It is not started in your environment where GUIX_LOCPATH is set.  How do
you start the daemon?  If it’s via systemd you may want to look at the
service file to see where GUIX_LOCPATH points.

> I mean, does `guix pull' restart the daemon?

No, it only installs a new version of Guix in $HOME/.config/guix/


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