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Re: Installing webbrowser and email client via Guix package manager

From: Quiliro Ordonez
Subject: Re: Installing webbrowser and email client via Guix package manager
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2019 04:55:49 -0800

El 2019-02-08 11:04, zimoun escribió:
> Hi Meikel,
> To complement the words by Pierre, I would tell that Web Browser and
> Emails Client are maybe not the best entry point to discover the Guix
> system. :-)
> Well, to search on all the packages, the way is:
>    guix package -s web -s browser \
>      | recsel -e 'description ~ "[Bb]rowser"' -p name,synopsis,relevance
> The part `-s web -s browser' means: search the word web *or* the word
> browser in all the fields (name, synopsis, description, etc.).
> The recsel command allows to filter out.
>  - `-e 'description ~ "[Bb]rowser"' means: select the package owning
> the word Browser or browser in the field description;
>  - `-p name,synopsis,relevance' means: only outputs the fields name,
> synopsis and relevance.
> Then, for example try `guix package --show=icecat' to see all the
> package information.
> To install the recsel comand, you need to install the package
> recutils. Then give a look at the manual:

What  a fine explanation! I filled in some of my own knowledge gaps with
it. It would be great to include something like that on the manual.

> If you are an Emacs user, then I recommand you to give a look at the
> package emacs-guix.

I looked at this part. But I am missing some exercise such as the
previous one on Emacs-Guix. It would help introduce myself on some
practical use of that promising package. Would someone provide such
thing please?

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