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guix environment and ld?

From: zimoun
Subject: guix environment and ld?
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2019 20:59:34 +0100


I am working on the package Gmsh.

Well, say the upstream repo is cloned and I am following the upstream readme.
Basically, it is a CMake build system for C++ code with some Fortran.

So, if I am doing:
  mkdir build-1 && cd build-1
  guix environment gmsh --pure
  cmake .. && make
  ./gmsh -info # ok :-)

If I am doing:
  mkdir build-2 && cd build-2
  guix environment --pure --ad-hoc \
     cmake make binutils glibc address@hidden address@hidden
  cmake .. && make
  ./gmsh -info # ok :-)

Now, I would like to build a version with PETSc.

  mkdir build-3 && cd build-3
  guix environment --pure --ad-hoc \
     cmake make binutils glibc address@hidden address@hidden \
  cmake .. && make
  ./gmsh -info # fail!

and ldd ./gmsh returns libpetsc.3.10 not found.
If I check the CMake file, then the PETSc library is found and all
seem alright. And libpetsc.3.10 is in the environment profile.

Hum? I am a bit confused. Do I miss something?

Note it builds fine with:

  mkdir build-4 && cd build-4
  guix environment gmsh --pure --ad-hoc petsc
  cmake .. && make
  ./gmsh -info # ok

I know that `guix environment gmsh' "imports" more than cmake make
binutils glibc address@hidden address@hidden but they are the minimal set
to build gmsh as the build-2 shows.
So, I do not suspect that the issue comes from that.

Well, I am packaging the friend solver of Gmsh ;-)

Side question: guix environment --ad-hoc address@hidden address@hidden
warns about " ambiguous package specification address@hidden'". Is it
expected? because it is not ambiguous.

Other side question and maybe related: it warns about "collision
encountered" between gcc and gfortran with fto1 cc1
cc1plus mkheaders. Does the issue come from that? If yes,  how to
avoid the collision?

Thank you for any insight and/or comment.

All the best,

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