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Re: How to start Xorg server with startx

From: Yoshinori Arai
Subject: Re: How to start Xorg server with startx
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2019 21:10:42 +0900
User-agent: NeoMutt/20180716

Thank you for your pointer.

Unfortunately I have already uninstalled xorg-server, xinit. I can't try it 

I have another problem for LXDE and LXQT with slim login manager.
I'm using uim-anthy for japanese input but slim can't read xprofile so
I use xsession script to set environment variable such as XMODIFIER,

I can select desktop with slim but can't use uim-anthy without xsession.

Also I did system reconfigure to install LXDE, LXQT. Its package field
is as follows,

  (packages (cons* fluxbox cwm                    ;window managers
                   lxde lxqt                      ;desktop
                   nss-certs                      ;for HTTPS access

There are many desktop file in

LXDE.desktop  fluxbox.desktop  openbox-gnome.desktop  openbox.desktop
cwm.desktop   lxqt.desktop     openbox-kde.desktop

This is not problem but wonder a little.

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