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Re: GNOME no thumbnails?

From: nightowl
Subject: Re: GNOME no thumbnails?
Date: Wed, 22 May 2019 21:06:01 -0500
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I was looking on the internet for similar problem and found at least one other distro called clearlinux that reports a similar issue:

I am not very knowlegeable about this, but checked it out a little on my own guixsd installation using GNOME desktop (I believe 3.28 as I updated recently). It looks like thumbnails get generated by a thumbnailer program in GNOME (exactly how I am not sure), and get placed into the ~/.cache/thumbnails directory. Further, there are two subdirectories in that folder one called 'failed' and the other called 'normal'. What I find is any time I add a picture file to my hard drive, a thumbnail file does get generated but is placed in the failed folder. Looking at the failed thumbnail file however shows a blank image.

As a second test, I installed a picture viewer called geequi that lets me brows pictures by thumnails. This program generated a bunch of thumnails and placed them into the ~/.cache/thumnails/normal folder. Then if I look at the same pictures in nautilus I can see the thumnails this time as the typical small picture next to the file name.

So it appears that existing normal thumnails display in nautilus once they are generated, but the problem is they are not being automatically generated through nautilus for new picture files as one would expect.

Should this be filed as a bug in guixsd or is it a gnome problem or is it something that needs to be configured somhow?

On 2019-05-22 9:16 am, Timothy Sample wrote:
Hi nightowl,

nightowl <address@hidden> writes:

Does anyone have a problem getting jpg and png picture files to have
thumbnail previews shown in the file browser (nautilus)?  My instance
of GNOME does not appear to be generaterating the thumbnail images.

I am seeing this too.  It looks like it may have started after updating
GNOME to 3.28, since some of my older files have thumbnails.

-- Tim

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