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GuixSD 1.0.1 Impressions

From: oury . dustin
Subject: GuixSD 1.0.1 Impressions
Date: Thu, 23 May 2019 08:11:30 +0200
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Hello Guix users! I´m quite new to running Guix properly as I failed in the past to get the package manager up and running in Trisquel 8 and always wanted to try the OS properly, I managed to get it installed a few days ago and have a few nitpicks with it I´d like to share regarding the version 1.0.1.

1.) I was unable to get wireless access from my Libreboot Thinkpad T400 working in the initial graphical install. It would not detect my wireless card, and when I tried to configure it it threw a big red screen and aborted out. Connecting directly with a LAN cable solved this issue, and once I got the OS installed wireless was working fine with GNOME3. 2. I´ve been a user of Mozilla Thunderbird and Icedove for a while, so I was a little shocked to find that icedove didn´t exist in the repo. I would love to have it packaged or learn to package it! 3. The graphical installer gives you the option to set the keyboard layout, however when I finally booted into the OS a few keys need to be pressed twice (example: ~,´,¨,¨,^) and not long-pressing them gives accented characters. I´m not sure how to fix this at the moment.

Other than those niggles it´s a really impressive OS. Thank you Guix!

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