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Re: Still need help installing ProtonMail Bridge

From: Meiyo Peng
Subject: Re: Still need help installing ProtonMail Bridge
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2019 10:56:38 +0800

Hi Gary,

Gary Johnson writes:

> I sent an email out a week ago detailing my attempt to create a package
> definition that would install the ProtonMail Bridge client
> ( and seeking help from anyone who might
> be able to help me debug my Scheme code.
> As no one has yet responded, I'm guessing that either no one knows how
> to help me or that my message was too long and was therefore skipped
> over by most readers.
> Let me try again succinctly (TL;DR):
> What should I add/change in my propagated-inputs clause so that ldd can
> link these two libraries to my package?
> ...
> Help?

As a GNU project, we only support free software.  The ProtonMail bridge
is not free (free as in freedom).  Thus no one respond to your help

I suggest you to try the alternative ProtonMail bridge developed by
emersion:  It's free and it works
on Guix.  Just follow the instructions on it's home page.  It's very
easy to set up.

Meiyo Peng

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