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Re: guix package conflict

From: Andy Tai
Subject: Re: guix package conflict
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2019 00:18:48 -0700

This command solved the problem.

guix package -i gtk+ python-pycairo python2-pycairo  pango cairo fontconfig


On Sat, Aug 10, 2019 at 2:58 AM Carlo Zancanaro <address@hidden>

> On Sat, Aug 10 2019, Ricardo Wurmus wrote:
> >> hint: Try upgrading both `python-pycairo' and `gtk+', or remove
> >> one of them from the profile.
> >
> > Have you tried that?
> In particular, I think `guix package -i python-pycairo gtk+` might
> do the trick.
> > Does “guix package -u” not fix this problem for you?  Or is this
> > the output of “guix package -u”?
> It looks like `guix package -u` compares the version of the
> package, and only updates if the package's version has changed
> (and even then, only if it has increased). This means that if a
> package's inputs (and thus its store hash) have changed, but its
> version has not, the version left in the profile will have
> outdated inputs, which can conflict if they are propagated. So
> `guix package -u` doesn't fix this problem.
> `guix package -i`, on the other hand, just installs whatever it's
> told to, so it will install the same package at the same version,
> but with updated inputs. Then all the propagated inputs end up
> being the same, so there is no conflict.
> Carlo

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