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Strange behavior around guix package --show

From: Jacob MacDonald
Subject: Strange behavior around guix package --show
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2019 13:21:57 -0800

guix package --show is failing for me for packages which reference
sbcl-cl-uglify-js. This has been happening for a few guix pull generations,
but only occurs in my user's Guix profile. Running the same command as root
or through ./pre-inst-env (on the same version of the tree) doesn't cause
an error.

I've tried clearing local and root .cache directories, double checked that
nothing strange and Guile-related is happening in my dotfiles, and made
sure the error is reproducible outside an X session. Upon stracing the
local install and my built-from source version, I see some discrepancies in
the trace, but am not sure what the root cause is. Namely, after reading
javascript.scm, the user version of Guix fails to stat lisp-xyz.scm, while
the source version not only reads from lisp-xyz but also /etc/localtime, a
file which is never touched in the failing trace.

Any help would be appreciated.



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