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Re: Help: Installation without network

From: Jeremy Korwin-Zmijowski
Subject: Re: Help: Installation without network
Date: Wed, 06 May 2020 16:36:42 +0200

Le mercredi 06 mai 2020 à 14:37 +0530, Sanjay Mysore a écrit :
> Hello
> Downloaded 1.1.0 64bit, burnt on CD, tried to install. It does not
> recognize my mobile hotspot wireless internet. I do not have wired
> internet
> connection. How to proceed?
> Will internet connection via USB tethering to mobile phone work?
> Pl. Clarify

Hello, Sanjay Mysore

I don't know why your hotspotted network did not worked.
I would say you can try the USB tethering. It worth the try!


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