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whishlist: guix build -d /gnu/store/hash-pkg-version?

From: zimoun
Subject: whishlist: guix build -d /gnu/store/hash-pkg-version?
Date: Thu, 7 May 2020 01:45:10 +0200


When debugging, I find really useful the command: "guix build -d package".

Is it possible to do the same on the resulting '/gnu/store/<path>'?

For example,

$ guix build hello

$ guix build -d hello

Well, I would like to do something like that?

$ guix build -d /gnu/store/kg9mirg6xbvzcp0a98v7326n1nvvwgsj-hello-2.10

Does it make sense?

Currently, I am using a combination of "guix gc --list-dead |grep" or
"guix gc --list-live|grep".   But it is not really handy; especially
when there is several times the same package-version (with grafts).

Thank you in advance for any advice.

Best regards,

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