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Re: failed to install the python-umap-learn package

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: failed to install the python-umap-learn package
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2020 16:09:24 +0200
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"" <> skribis:

> I had a failure when installing python-umap-learn in guix. It took very long 
> time in the 'check' phase.
> The error does not change before and after 'guix pull'. Could you please tell 
> me how to solve this problem?
> Thanks in advance! Please see the screen output below:
> $ guix package -i python-umap-learn
> The following package will be installed:
>    python-umap-learn 0.3.10
> The following derivations will be built:
>    /gnu/store/4sbifbl79yy6xnbnkvj0hvc3i2mp6jcj-python-umap-learn-0.3.10.drv
>    /gnu/store/ra7xx13ni736p0kvcsbhsl0g9yhy4d68-python-numba-0.46.0.drv
> building 
> /gnu/store/ra7xx13ni736p0kvcsbhsl0g9yhy4d68-python-numba-0.46.0.drv...
> - 'check' phasebuilder for 
> `/gnu/store/ra7xx13ni736p0kvcsbhsl0g9yhy4d68-python-numba-0.46.0.drv' failed 
> with exit code 1
> build of /gnu/store/ra7xx13ni736p0kvcsbhsl0g9yhy4d68-python-numba-0.46.0.drv 
> failed
> View build log at 
> '/gnu/var/log/guix/drvs/ra/7xx13ni736p0kvcsbhsl0g9yhy4d68-python-numba-0.46.0.drv'.
> guix package: error: build of 
> `/gnu/store/ra7xx13ni736p0kvcsbhsl0g9yhy4d68-python-numba-0.46.0.drv' failed

It would seem that one of the tests of python-numba is failing, perhaps
in a non-deterministic way.

As a stopgap, you should be able to run:

  guix install python-umap-learn --without-tests=python-numba

Note that ‘--without-tests’ was added just a couple of days ago, so you
may need to run ‘guix pull’ to get a recent-enough Guix:


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