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Re: Guix: The Platform Harmonizer

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: Guix: The Platform Harmonizer
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 2020 08:26:07 -0400
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Thank you for this presentation, it's really great!

There are some minor points that could be improved. In the beginning, you give 
a link to the documentation. I would rather give a link to the devel version.
Guix has no meaning, it's pronounced as geeks, but that's not the meaning (it's 
actually a contraction of guile and nix).

The daemon is not written in guile (though that's something we'd like to have), 
but in C++. The build side (the isolated bit) is indeed a guile process.

MES stands for Maxwell Equations of *Software* :). Mes is actually way bigger 
than 400 bytes. You're refering to the stage0 project I think.

I'm glad you're referencing guix home manager (I'm the author :)). It's 
somewhat separate from user services, though I'd like to have that too. I don't 
really see a need for that yet for myself, so it might not happen in the near 
future. We'll see!

Thanks again for tharing this, your enthusiasm is really visible, which makes 
me very happy :D

Le 8 octobre 2020 07:23:12 GMT-04:00, Matias Jose Seco Baccanelli 
<> a écrit :
>Hello Guixers!
>Since i'm not yet a proper contributor to the project but a deep
>admirer of this inestimable initiative,i'm very glad to have prepared a
>presentation for the Download Innovation Festival 2020, showing an
>overview of the Guix Habitat, by focusing on a DevOps point of view,
>where Guix brings harmony into platforms with unprecedented levels of
>security and flexibility, giving a cozy place to source code :) !
>If someone would like to check it out and add any
>suggestion or any detail that i've missed out i would be really happy
>It might be an interesting video also for newcomers around here!
>I also want to highlight that software and content used were libre or
>open source. If you would like the ODP copy of the presentation, i will
>add it :) !
>This presentation was made in English, but in the feature i
>would like to propose also Italian or Spanish material, so as to widen
>the Audience :]
>Here you can find the link of the presentation:
>Have a nice Happy Hacking day!
>Thank to everybody for this great project and cool guix family! 

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