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Re: Confused while submitting patch

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: Confused while submitting patch
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2020 08:48:14 -0400
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Le 15 octobre 2020 03:51:51 GMT-04:00, Aniket Patil <> 
a écrit :
>Hi all,
>I am new when it comes to submitting patches through email. For my
>patch, I copied all the body from the .path file and pasted in mail.
>from the subject line, I copied the subject and pasted it in the
>subject of
>my email. To be on the safer side I also attached a patch file to the
>email. What is the write way? I thought submitting through email is the
>easier way than submitting it to git email.

Hi Aniket,

Either use git send-email or, as you did, attach the patch to your message. For 
long series, you really need to use send-email, otherwise it's fine.

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