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Re: Confused while submitting patch

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: Confused while submitting patch
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2020 15:39:28 +0200


On Thu, 15 Oct 2020 at 13:21, Aniket Patil <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am new when it comes to submitting patches through email. For my first
> patch, I copied all the body from the .path file and pasted in mail. Also
> from the subject line, I copied the subject and pasted it in the subject of
> my email. To be on the safer side I also attached a patch file to the
> email. What is the write way? I thought submitting through email is the
> easier way than submitting it to git email.

Well, it depends on the tools you are working on.  Let describe the
workflow with plain git commands, then using Magit (the emacs porcelaine)
is let as an exercise.

You need “guix install guix:send-email” and please read the section
Example in [1] for an easy setup.

Now, you are in the fresh cloned repo and you created one branch with
some new commits in.  You simply do:

  git format-patch -<N> --base=master

where <N> is the number of commit you did.  For example, ’-1’ for one
commit, ’-2’ for 2 commits, etc..  You can omit the ’--base’ but it is
useful to know on which commit your commit applies.  I also recommend to
use the option ’--cover-letter’, which allows you to describe your
change.  Please read “git format-patch --help”.

Well, the ’format-patch’ command should produce:


Then, it is easy:

  git send-email 0000-cover-letter.patch

assuming you used the ’--cover-letter’ option. :-)  Then you wait a bit
that the robot assigns a Patch number.  Check your inbox; if everything
is correctly setup-ed.

You can send your patch with:

  git send-email 0001-blabla.patch


For patch set (several commits), you replace the last command by:

  git send-email 000?-*.patch

So good, so far.

After the review, you will have modification to do, so you “rebase
interactively” (git rebase -i) and you tweak.  Once it is ready to send
the new version of your patch, you have to generate a new one:

  git format-patch -<N> -v2

here, you can omit ’--cover-letter’.  This will produce:


and let send it:

  git send-email v2-0001-blabla.patch

It is important to keep the same patch number.  Please give a look at


for all the patches.

Does that help?

All the best,

1: <>

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