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Re: Some (little) problems about contributing to the translation of guix

From: Hubert Lombard
Subject: Re: Some (little) problems about contributing to the translation of guix-manual
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2020 22:21:22 +0100

Hi, Julien and help-guix :-)

Le Thu, 29 Oct 2020 15:17:44 -0400,
Julien Lepiller <> a écrit :

> Actually, I just had a look at the file you created. There are
> multiple issues with it. Remember that the text is in texinfo format,
> so anything of the form @command{content} is a texinfo command. If
> you translate it, it might have unexpected effects (not able to
> compile, …).
> For instance, I see you translated @value{VERSION} (which is a
> command that dereferences a texinfo variable and replaces it with its
> value, eg. 1.2.0) by @valeur{VERSION}. @valeur is not a valid texinfo
> command :)
> There's a command that has been completely removed and all that's
> left is a lonely {--gc-keep-derivations}. And similar stuff :)
> Additionnaly, (and I should have told you earlier), you should not
> translate the @pxref, @xref and @ref commands yourself, as this is
> done automatically afterwards. This ensures that we don't get in
> trouble if a title is changed (or its translation), because texinfo
> is really picky when it comes to making links.
> Right now, I see two different capitalisations of the French title,
> and none of tgem is the same as the actual title, which is an error.

Thank you for your attention, I'm not at all surprised that it gave such a 
When I was translating, I asked myself the same questions about all
these subtleties and I tried to solve them as I went along (while
Poedit told me that there were no errors in the translation :-) 
> If you're not working on that file right now, I can take care of
> fixing these issues and give you control over the file again tomorrow
> morning. 

It's very nice of you, I'd like you to take care of it if you can. Tomorrow 
morning, I will study carefully what you will have done.
Really, thank you Julien!

I also read your answers on git clone, I'll take good note of them too

Well, I'm going to go rest a little bit!

> Thanks!

Thanks to you!

Kind regards



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