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Re: guix pull only from private channel

From: Phil
Subject: Re: guix pull only from private channel
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2020 12:28:47 +0000
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Thanks Simon - that helped!

zimoun writes:

> About this, you should write a specific channels.scm file and then run:
>   guix pull -C channels.scm

The bit I was missing was how do I create a channels file that keeps
'guix' at a constant commit - the scheme snippet you sent me is perfect, and
gave me a good way-in to the API - thanks!

One question - what's the reasoning about making all channel files have
a guix channel?  Obviously it makes sense that there must be a guix
channel referenced somewhere - but my expectation was (wrongly) that if
I created a channel file with only my private channel in it, it would
simply ignore guix and pull only what my private channel offered.  Instead it
complains that there is no guix channel defined.

I'm guessing it wants to weigh-up guix vs my private channel to pick the
latest version of a package from either, but that doesn't make sense to
me if I know that my private channel contains packages which are always
mutually exclusive from the guix channel?

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