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Re: NAS hardware recommendations

From: Pierre Neidhardt
Subject: Re: NAS hardware recommendations
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2020 11:21:56 +0100


Thanks for the details about RAM power consumption, very useful!

>> For the rest, I'll just get a second hand computer for 30-50€ that has a
>> 4GB of RAM, so I can get the whole thing to run on 130-150€.  In that
>> sense, it's cheaper than any NAS I can find on the market! :)
> This calculation is valid if you don't factor in the electricity prices. 
> In most places the electricity is relatively expensive.
> 0,3 kWatts (i.e. 300 Watt system) * 12 hours (1/2 day) = 3,6 kWh

Maybe there is a misunderstanding, I'm precisely trying to save on
electricity (and thus costs).

Maybe I'm misunderstood about how power supplies work, but isn't 300W
the capacity?  It should not consume as much as 300W on idle, or does


Pierre Neidhardt

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