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Yet another locale question on a foreign distro

From: Fredrik Salomonsson
Subject: Yet another locale question on a foreign distro
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2021 22:06:38 -0800

Hi guix,

I've developed a little tool to use rofi as a pinentry for gpg-agent
called pinentry-rofi. It recently landed in guix, note that version
2.0.2 that is the latest in guix only works if you don't have guile in
the same profile.

My current setup is guix running on a foreign distro (Arch Linux). And
I'm currently running pinentry-rofi installed by its package manager and
it works fine. When I submitted the patch to guix, I only ran the tests
and launched the tool from the commandline to make sure it was working.
I never did test it with gpg-agent. Which was a mistake on my part, as
it seems it does not work with gpg-agent when it's installed via guix.

I tracked down the root of the problem to rofi not being able to set the
locale. The error it return is

Rofi-WARNING **: 21:16:03.115: Failed to set locale

As far as I can tell my locale is setup properly. GUIX_LOCPATH is set to
the profile I have `glibc-locales` installed to. And rofi has no issue
setting the locale when I launch pinentry-rofi from the commandline.
It's only when gpg-agent launches it.

I've tried to use both the native gpg package on the foreign distro as
well as the gnupg package on guix (installed to the same profile as
pinentry-rofi). Same issue on both.

If I hardcode LC_ALL=C, when pinentry-rofi launches rofi, it works with
gpg-agent. But that does not seem like a great solution.

Do anyone have any idea what could be the issue?



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