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Re: Yet another locale question on a foreign distro

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: Yet another locale question on a foreign distro
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2021 07:16:26 -0500
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Does gpg-agent change the locale of the system somehow? What's the locale it 
launches the pinentry with? Does it exist in $GUIX_LOCPATH?

Le 31 janvier 2021 01:06:38 GMT-05:00, Fredrik Salomonsson 
<> a écrit :
>Hi guix,
>I've developed a little tool to use rofi as a pinentry for gpg-agent
>called pinentry-rofi. It recently landed in guix, note that version
>2.0.2 that is the latest in guix only works if you don't have guile in
>the same profile.
>My current setup is guix running on a foreign distro (Arch Linux). And
>I'm currently running pinentry-rofi installed by its package manager
>it works fine. When I submitted the patch to guix, I only ran the tests
>and launched the tool from the commandline to make sure it was working.
>I never did test it with gpg-agent. Which was a mistake on my part, as
>it seems it does not work with gpg-agent when it's installed via guix.
>I tracked down the root of the problem to rofi not being able to set
>locale. The error it return is
>Rofi-WARNING **: 21:16:03.115: Failed to set locale
>As far as I can tell my locale is setup properly. GUIX_LOCPATH is set
>the profile I have `glibc-locales` installed to. And rofi has no issue
>setting the locale when I launch pinentry-rofi from the commandline.
>It's only when gpg-agent launches it.
>I've tried to use both the native gpg package on the foreign distro as
>well as the gnupg package on guix (installed to the same profile as
>pinentry-rofi). Same issue on both.
>If I hardcode LC_ALL=C, when pinentry-rofi launches rofi, it works with
>gpg-agent. But that does not seem like a great solution.
>Do anyone have any idea what could be the issue?

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