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How do I specify a btrfs subvolume?

From: Nathan Dehnel
Subject: How do I specify a btrfs subvolume?
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2021 20:33:06 -0500

This is extremely confusing:

I made my best attempt at creating and mounting a subvolume at

    (cons* (file-system
             (mount-point "/")
               (uuid "b2e0f449-0583-46fd-8c23-ad2e6cd661a1"
             (type "btrfs"))
             (mount-point "/media/offsite-backup")
               (uuid "b2e0f449-0583-46fd-8c23-ad2e6cd661a1"
             (type "btrfs")
             (options "subvol=offsite-backup,compress=zlib:9"))

It gives this error:

guix system: bootloader successfully installed on '/dev/sda'
guix system: warning: exception caught while executing 'start' on
service 'file-system-/media/offsite-backup':
In procedure mount: mount "/dev/sda2" on "///media/offsite-backup": No
such file or directory
guix system: warning: some services could not be upgraded

But /media/offsite-backup exists.

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