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Re: (No Subject)

From: Vagrant Cascadian
Subject: Re: (No Subject)
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2021 09:27:40 -0700

On 2021-04-11, Joshua Branson wrote:
> reduxmotion <> writes:
>> Is it possible to modify installation boot menu, to allow non-Free firmware 
>> loading?
> A good solution to your problem might be to use hardware that supports
> free software.
> Also think penguin, za reason, and purism, system76, raptor computing,
> PineBook Pro ($200) all offer modern computers that you can purchase.

I wouldn't exactly recommend the PineBook Pro at this point; needs a lot
of work in the kernel to get properly supported, and has some firmware
issues for what people expect of a laptop.

I suspect the raptor computing boards also are in the category of "needs
work", even if theoretically they may someday be a very nice option.

So it depends if you want a computer that "just works" vs. a project to
spend a good deal of time to help make it better. :)

live well,

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